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Antique Leather Traveling Desk

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The perfect traveling desk to keep your stationery, pens, stamps, and letters all in one place. 

This lightweight traveling companion is made of wood board covered with black faux leather with a light brown real leather interior. I have replaced the desk mat insert with a piece of red and green patterned Italian paper that I glued onto a piece of cardstock. Underneath it is a torn white piece of paper glued down. Other compartments include:

1. Two pockets to hold papers. Located on the top flap.

2. One large compartment that can hold small books or notebooks, letters, pens... anything less than 1.5" thickness. 

3. Smaller compartment on the right-hand side to keep pens, wax seal stamps, whatever floats you.

4. Inkwell compartment. Bottom right. This inkwell has seen better days. It still latches close and has a little glass bowl inside to hold ink.

Condition: General wear throughout. Lots of scuffs, some loose leather, scratches, and ink stains on the interior. Please see the photos for a better idea of the condition.

Overall the desk is in usable condition and has many years left.

Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 2"



* Photos and ephemera not included